20-Minute Wellness Tips for Female Startup Founders

20-Minute Wellness Tips For Female Startup Founders

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It’s time for some girl talk. Over the summer I’ve been doing Founder Institute’s startup accelerator programme which has left me with very little time for myself, maybe twenty minutes here or there. Who am I? Barack Obama? No… But I am a lady boss trying to juggle what feels like a million things at once. So today I’m sharing my wellness tips (or things that keep me sane) which only take 20 minutes or less and a little bit about my startup journey.

It started with an idea I had back in March, fast forward to July and the first week session of our programme where I’m pitching to a panel of mentors who scored my idea pretty.

Afterwards my co-founders and I sat in a little shawarma shop, whose salad has become a staple part of my diet this past summer, not fully prepared but excited for the upcoming summer haze of startup 101.

Somehow in the last couple of weeks I became the CEO of an incorporated startup and tomorrow we go live with our first release. Transitioning from a food blogger to the co-founder of a startup was a bit of a shock to the system. The other day the president of my Founder Institute working group mentioned he needed to invent time.

For a good chunk of the summer my gut has castigated me for everything it’s been put through and yet I’m making amends. I get it, the startup is important and there isn’t enough time but if you neglect your wellness for too long – you’ll only end up burnt out!

I’m not perfect, there are days where a spoonful of sugar (or a cookie) is more viable than anything I mention below, but that sugar leaves me feeling like crap an hour or two later. The beauty of these tips is you can do them anywhere and they take 20 minutes or less. When my insides are glowing, you can bet I’m glowing on the outside and doing a wicked job.

Female Startup Founders Wellness Tips

  • Get the Headspace meditation app which heralds itself as a gym membership for your mind. I love Headspace because there’s no chanting, it’s practical meditation that only takes ten minutes a day. Laid out in a roadmap style I can relate to – Headspace builds on your daily meditation by taking your through modules.
  • Work out! Throughout the week I do high-intensity interval training, these 20-minute workouts push me but give maximum results in very little time. If I have extra time, I throw in some half-an-hour toning sessions as well (like Pilates or Tracy Anderson) and do ballet once a week for posture.
  • After working out, I always drink a vegan protein shake with organic blueberries (packed with antioxidants) and take some Vitamin C. The Vitamin C keep my immunity in check and rids my body of cortisol (the stress related hormone).
  • Go for a walk and get some air in your lungs. My hubby and I are co-founders of this startup and if we’ve been cooped up all day we take a walk around a few blocks at night and find it really helps us to wind down.
  • Celebrate! I’ve been told the highs and lows on the startup journey are abundant. When there is something to celebrate, I treat myself to a luxury bar of dark chocolate and going out with friends or family.
  • Pamper yourself. My go to are overnight face masks like Glam Glow Thirsty Mud or Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial – which basically means all I have to do is apply them and go to sleep!
  • Educate yourself about caffeine. I’ve never drunk coffee and I know a ton of co-founders who get by without it but don’t worry I’m not telling you to ditch your morning cuppa, just be more aware of what you are drinking and what it’s doing in your body. Check out what fellow lady boss and nutritionist Sarah Berneche is saying about coffee.
  • Eat clean and well! I struggle with food when stressed, but I’m making a point of doing my best to eat well! If I’m going for convenience, I’ll usually grab salads from Nandos or our shawarma shop which has an amazing salad bar! Check out my path of least resistance to eating well.

Ps. Beyonce’s Flawless has been my startup anthem – try dancing to it on a day you need to pitch! This isn’t actually a wellness tip, but it’s worth mentioning, you know when they talk about owning a room? This song = you got ‘dis.

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  1. Sarah
    September 15, 2015 at 4:52 pm (2 years ago)

    Aw I love this list (and the photo) so much. Thanks for the shout-out, too. x

    • Sahar Aman
      September 23, 2015 at 1:09 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank you lovely and of course… you know I love your stuff! xo


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