90-Day SSS Plan: Cycle One comes to an end

The Body Coach: Cycle One Collage

It always amazes me how quickly time passes by, has it already been thirty days since I kicked of Cycle One of my 90-Day SSS Plan from The Body Coach? I’m happy to say even though this past month has flown, it hasn’t gone by without learning something.

The first part of my 90-Day SSS Plan came to an end just as the leotards and tutus arrived for Ballet Espressivo’s dance recitals this summer. Carefully stashed away in my cupboard, silently motivating me to keep going and see this challenge through.

At Ballet Espressivo you don’t need to be a specific size to do dance. As long as you are prepared to work hard and be passionate there is a place for you in class. This year I am performing on two occasions (literally a dream come true) and want to feel my best on stage and glow inside out.

Yesterday I sent in my results for Cycle One and now I’m patiently waiting for the next phase, due to begin on 3rd June 2015. This past month has been so much fun. Even though I haven’t lost crazy amounts of weight or inches, I am still really proud of myself, because for me it isn’t just about that.

As I lay two pictures a month apart side by side through a frame app on my iPad, I was excited and a little relieved to see change. The biggest fear I had is nothing would have changed, that it was all in my imagination. Why should a picture have to validate that achievement for me? Shouldn’t the way I’m feeling (bloody fantastic by the way) be enough?

Though I pose these questions, I have no real answer. I wish it were different, but feelings aren’t always enough to sustain us.

Speaking for myself, I need to see change in order to believe it is happening. Other wise it’s much easier to retreat back towards familiar patterns than actually have the courage to break free and find out what lies beyond them. Why? In it’s simplest form, because of my wobbling self-belief, something that a lot of people struggle with from time to time.

If there is one thing that Cycle One of the 90-Day SSS Plan has changed for me, it is how I look at myself and what I can achieve. I don’t just mean in terms of how I look. Yes of course not missing a single workout and sticking to a food plan makes one feel and look great, but these weren’t the only measurements of success in Cycle One.

What the 90-Day SSS Plan has truly showed me is that when we work passionately at anything it pays off (something I know but don’t always remember). In terms of this plan, it is more tangible and visible because I see it while looking in the mirror or using a measuring tape around my waist – but it also teaches us to open our eyes and see how amazing we are beyond these measures.

Don’t let any more time pass you by, do the things you have been meaning to do. As I’ve learnt this past month, it won’t just happen – you have to make it happen. There are times where we do need to change up the way we eat and workout, in those instances sign up for The Body Coach.

See how I do on Cycle Two! I’m sharing my 12-week experience of Joe’s plan. Stay tuned to the blog and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sahar_aman to see how my transformation goes.

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    • Sahar Aman
      June 1, 2015 at 5:19 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you gorgeous girl! xoxo


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