A Hug In A Box

Subscription boxes have been a thing for a while and with all the different options now there is something out there for everyone. The other day, I got a surprise in my mail, Jules Wellness had sent me one of their lovely lifestyle boxes.

Jules Wellness Box

Care Package

My box is similar to what Jules Wellness would offer as one of their surprise subscription boxes, which you can purchase off their website. They are $30 per month on subscription or $39 for just a one time purchase. The actual retail value is anywhere between $45-60.

Jules Wellness thoughtfully hand-selects each product and packs it up with a lot of care. Whenever I’ve met with Julie Tadeson, the founder of the brand, I’ve found her zeal for wellness to be infectious, fun and inspiring.

That spirit echoes in everything from the lifestyle boxes and online wellness boutique to their other offerings like Jule’s Baskets: stunning health conscious gift baskets.


Getting a box full of wellness goodies will brighten up anyone’s day. In my box is a lovely selection of snacks and treats, organic skincare and other lifestyle products. They are all full-sized (not samples) and can be found in Jules Wellness’ online boutique. Because each product in the lifestyle box is well thought-out, nothing will go to waste.

The Chia Bar is delicious (I’ll have to get more of thsse for my ballet workouts) and I’ve had to hide the artisan chocolate bars from my hubby so I actually get to eat some! The organic skin care products are gorgeous, I love the vegan lip balm and bath salts are the way to my heart.

Anyone signing up to the subscription box can expect a similar experience, delicious snacks, exquisite beauty products and other lifestyle goodies that will come in handy (in this instance an eco-friendly notebook and a hair clip).


Most people want to embrace healthy living but the world of wellness is fast-paced and growing quickly, it can get a little overwhelming.

Conscious, caring and community-oriented Jules Wellness is out to share their passion for healthy living and make it a little easier by helping you navigate through the maze with the best health and wellness products.

They read the labels, do the taste testing and if they find something they love, you can bet it’s in their online boutique.  So whether you are new to this lifestyle or not, they have made shopping for the best-tasting, artisan, hard-to-find wellness products very easy – check out one of their lifestyle subscriptions today! It’s like getting a hug in a box.

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