Blend smoothies & juice for vitality, not weight loss

I absolutely love smoothies and cold-pressed juices but I drink them for vitality, not weight loss! In light of my Green and Lean intentions, I’ll be having my first green smoothie of 2016 and like a true smoothie nerd I’m super excited! So if you are dusting off your blenders and juicers or looking to buy one, I’ve got some thoughts for you below. Click on the pictures if you want to see the recipes for the smoothies. 

Anti Detox Green SmoothieAnti-Detox Smoothie 

To make January more bearable I’ve opted for vitality. If you caught my blog post on Monday, you would have heard me talking about making life-affirming intentions in 2016. All this basically means is doing things like working out and eating well because we love our bodies, not because we hate them. Today I’m addressing another experience that syndicates January for so many people: juices and smoothies! 

To clarify, when I say juices and smoothies, I mean the homemade ones with vegetables and fruit or store-bought cold pressed juice which are 80% greens or roots and 20% fruit. 

Earth Day SmoothieEarth Day Smoothie 

The first time I had a green smoothie was in 2013. With my wedding two and half months away, I made an executive decision that instead of loosing weight for my wedding I wanted to glow inside out. After doing some research and learning that drinking green smoothies and green juices can help to promote healthy skin, I made them part of my daily routine. 

I don’t think a green smoothie can save the world but it can do wonders like give you more energy and promote health within your body. In a few weeks I had more energy (granted I was eating more plants in general and doing Pilates three times a week) but still, drinking all those greens was paying off. Bonus: I did feel beautiful inside out on our wedding day. 

Power Green SmoothiePower Green Smoothie

I’m all for green smoothies and cold-pressed juice and I’m even for resetting your body, using smoothies and juices for some gentle cleansing for a couple of days and even making cocktails with them (say whaaaat?) But it makes me sad when people go into a new year thinking:  “Okay so 1st of January I’m going to juice and drink smoothies so I can drop five pounds.” 

I love the Simple Green Smoothies mantra, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I feel that with every smoothie recipe they put on their website they promote not just a positive way of consuming whole foods but also a positive way of thinking. There’s definitely an outlook that is associated with juicing and smoothies but it’s different for people who do it frantically for a couple of weeks and those that have found a way to make juicing and smoothies part of their long-term wellbeing and health goals. 

Antioxidant Smoothie: cacao, blueberry & almondAntioxidant Smoothie 

A juice or smoothie cleanse for a couple of days can help to reset your body but the long-term goal should be to use smoothies and juices to promote vitality not weight loss. Anything made with plants, seasonal ingredients, superfoods, healthy fats and hydrating liquids is bound to be nourishing and aid health but if you use smoothies and juices as a means of depriving yourself, then of course the long-term effects will be detrimental.

For me health isn’t just about what I eat, it’s about a state of mind. There’s no point in forcing yourself to drink greens when all you want in life is a cupcake. It might just be that a cupcake is your path to wellbeing on a certain day and on other days it will be a juice or smoothie and I certainly don’t feel guilty about one or saintly for the other. 

Raspberry Oat Smoothie Raspberry Oat Smoothie

So if you are looking for a way to promote wellbeing, use juicing and smoothies for vitality and make them part of your lifestyle instead of making the seasonal post-holiday backlash part of your life.

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