Boxing well

Sometimes you meet people whose passion for health and wellness has allowed them to spread their wings a little further and find a way to make living well tangible and easier.

A balanced life

A decade ago I never would have been able to understand that feeling healthy was a lifestyle choice and not the latest fad diet. While it is important to reduce our intake of certain foods (for example: white sugar, table salt and white wheat), wellness has never been about any kind of deprivation or being extreme.

Discovering an alkaline lifestyle ended my destructive relationship with food and brought balance back into my life. I found an amazing community of imaginative people who make eating well and staying healthy, inspiring and delicious but above all, they make the chaos that life so often is at times, more fun.

Much of this community exists online, on social media, mainly blogs, Instagram and Twitter, tangible in some ways (sharing and cooking each others recipes) and not in others. Nevertheless, food and in this case, healthy food, has brought people together from all over the world, who share a common goal, delivering themselves from illness and bad health by eating and living well.

Those who have been at it for a while, maximize their wellness with supplements, proteins, superfood add-ons and so on. In the last few years, the health industry has increased tenfold. It can be overwhelming at times sifting through all the noise to find quality products that work for you. Why not let someone else do the work for you?

The struggle is real

Lifestyle box subscriptions are a great option for those who are looking try out health and wellness products but aren’t sure where to start.They help to make things a little more tangible. They are also great option for wellness warrior that want to keep it up and try out new superfoods, supplements and plenty of other things without spending too much to begin with.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of lifestyle boxes for a while and I love the idea of a little box full of treats arriving every month but haven’t subscribed to one yet.

When I do, it will probably be Wellibox. Why? Because apart from providing quality health and nutrition supplement samples in their boxes, they want to balance out real life with health by giving you the confidence to discover it and try it out for yourself.

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