Cycle Two Begins

Cycle Two: Blueberry Oatmeal

The perfectionist in me loves it when the beginning of a month starts on a Monday. 1st of June, 2015 heralds the start of a new week, a new month and the beginning of Cycle Two of my 90-Day SSS Plan from The Body Coach. I received it yesterday evening and wasted no time in throwing myself into my workout and plan this morning if only to eat oatmeal again.

I suppose while reading this, one might be interested in the numbers, the inches that have disappeared, the amount of fat that has melted and other things that have dropped from last month’s efforts? I decided early on that sharing all of that information wasn’t going to be the focus of my posts. That might seem a little unfair to those looking forward to those tasty nuggets, but from the world of measure for measure I’ll shy away.

What I will say is this, my cheekbones are parading themselves with some serious zeal and my jeans are sitting prettier. Moving on…

I never thought I’d utter the words (even if only in my head): today is chest day. Going by Joe Wick’s recommendations, today was chest day. It’s not that I can’t (ahem), it’s more that I don’t, lift, that is.

The weight section at the gym were my brother Tazzi, sister Sana and bestie Seeby went, I slogged away at the cardio machines, watching the calories burn away feeling better with each tick of number. Yoga was where I flexed my non-existent muscles into agony while trying to reach my toes. That is another story.

Though I’m not over the moon about this addition to my high intensity interval-training workout (HIIT), after seeing Joe’s amazing results with clients on Cycle Two, I won’t bulk and understand the need for it. However, the irrational fear that my limbs will turn into Spartan extensions of myself is obviously there. Hopefully ballet will keep my madness at bay.

Yielding to the saner parts of my brain, I went to the gym – a hop, skip and a jump away on the second floor of our condominium building. Today I laughed at myself while fumbling with the engineering of the bench, the floor my familiar friend seemed like a better companion. Eventually the bench and I bonded and ten sets of ten were underway, I started with less than 5kg. Always was a light weight but it’s a start.

Because of the nature of this cycle, I also get to eat more carbs. I’m not too excited about that either, which incidentally surprised me the most. These are a few of my favourite things: oats, basmati, quinoa, brown rice pasta and sweet potatoes but I loved the food on Cycle One. I was happiest putting together an Asian salad or steaming some shirataki noodles and now that I actually get to eat King Soba buckwheat noodles again – I’m like “what you talking about Willis.”

Not sure if Willis did know what he was talking about, but Joe definitely does. So I’m going to put my faith in him for another month and even though I’m still getting my head around carbs and weights, I’m excited to cruch Cycle Two and get cooking again with lean pick’n’mix. We’ll meet here again, one week from now.

Watch this space for more on my experience of Cycle Two! I’m sharing my 12-week experience of Joe’s plan. Stay tuned to the blog and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sahar_aman to see how my transformation goes.

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