Cycle Two, Carbs & I

The Body Coach 90-Days SSS Plan

I’m ten days into Cycle Two of my 90-Day SSS Plan from The Body Coach. So I mentioned last week that carbs are back and they are back with a vengeance. I’ve had a dysfunctional relationship with carbs since fad diets showed up on the scene. They made giving up carbs seem so sexy and seductive, it was hard to resist lusting after those temporary and destructive fad flings. I’d go back to carbs for a fix, waking up the morning after wondering what I’d done and swear off them again until the next time. Needless to say the fad diets made poor lovers. 

When I signed up for Joe Wicks plan back in April, I knew it would be transformative. What I didn’t realise was in how many ways.

My reconciliation with carbs over the last few years hasn’t been an easy one. They don’t know what to do with me and I don’t know what to do with them. We’d been living like two estranged lovers under the same roof for a while until I started eating the alkaline way but there’s still been some mistrust on both sides.

The 90-Day SSS Plan has been like relationship therapy for us. When it comes to any kind of therapy (emotional, mental or physical), I’ve found the first stage is always a breeze, Cycle One was kind of like that. Cycle Two is fun because I get to cook and invent my own recipes again using Joe’s pick and mix but the second stage in any kind of therapy is when you really get into it and are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and work harder.

Cycle Two has been like that – pushing me to work harder, to trust even more in what I am doing and believe in myself that little bit extra. More than working out and ensuring the food you eat nourishes your body as required, it is about putting in place those all important healthy thought patterns and diminishing the self-defeating ones.

In order to really smash this 90-Day SSS Plan, I’ve realised arming myself with good thoughts is step number one, that’s the only way I’m getting through this. So if I tell myself carbs will make me fat, they probably will. If I tell myself I can’t lift or do a hundred squats, I probably won’t. If I change that message, who knows what will happen… well I kind of do and so do you. Empowerment is a beautiful thing and leads to a more glowing you, inside out.

Watch this space for more on my experience of Cycle Two! I’m sharing my 12-week experience of Joe’s plan. Stay tuned to the blog and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sahar_aman to see how my transformation goes.

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