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Elxr Juice Lab First Base

Vanessa Towsey, one of the partners behind ELXR Juice Lab is a little late, but I don’t mind much as I sip away at a cold pressed juice called Second Base (cucumber, Granny Smith Apple, kale, parsley, spinach, lemon and ginger) while listening to the tunes Studio Lagree is pumping out.

I fail at taking a decent selfie with ELXR’s environmentally friendly glass bottle – there should be courses on selfies specifically for writers. I mentally take a note to discover my angles at some point in this life.

Vanessa arrives looking fabulous, wearing an outfit that gives me inspiration if not a little dose of healthy envy. Being the partner of a juice company, her skin is obviously glowing. She keeps saying sorry, but in a way I’m glad she was late, it’s the first time in months I’ve been able to enjoy a green juice in peace.

We dive in quickly. I tell Vanessa how I got into drinking greens and embraced an alkaline lifestyle – a marriage proposal and the loss of a loved one to cancer changed my life in many unexpected ways.

We both agree feeling healthy and well is one of the better things out there alongside cupcakes and macaroons (given that I walked past Delysees on the way to Studio Lagree, those little bite-sized French delicacies are definitely on my mind). Cold pressed juices specifically are great way to add potent benefits to your diet, because essentially they are the purest form of health in liquid form.

Though an ardent green juice consumer, I’m a little nervous about trying Picante Punch (watermelon, chili, lime and liquid cayenne) and a black looking liquid called After Party (alkaline water, lemon, maple syrup and activated charcoal). The latter is pleasantly like lemonade and the former is something I see myself enjoying in the much-anticipated warmer weather. The only one I’m not too keen on is Support Group (carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, cucumber, ginger and lemon).

Cold pressed juice shops may have popped up everywhere these last couple of years, and though ELXR Juice Lab is new on the scene, it is one to look out for. Simplicity, along with quality and creating a delicious health-boosting product while practicing sustainable organic sourcing to ensure least damage to the environment, is their jam.

They source ingredients from our local farmers, ensuring less shipment travel time, thereby maximizing freshness without the deterioration of nutrients in the process. Customers benefit and small local farmers are supported in the process. Using glass bottles preserves the quality of ingredients. In their own words, “Not only do we value the contents we’ve squeezed out for you inside, but glass is a 100% recyclable material that will never lose its integrity. Our appreciation for the environment is reflected in our product to the best of our ability. Respect our Earth, respect our body, and do no harm.” I’ll toast to that with a bottle of ELXR.

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