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NIOD Hyaluronic complex


The first beauty article I ever wrote, (just under a decade ago), believe it or not was about botox and collagen. Dermal science has changed a lot since then and now offers us incredible noninvasive options too.

I wrote that piece at a time when dermal fillers during lunch hour were the thing to do. I assumed that something better and perhaps not as toxic would be out there by the time my turn came round.

What terrified me most about botox was the injection. Blood tests don’t scare me as much as injections. I opted in for general anesthetic when having a tooth taken out and if a holiday destination requires a vaccination, you can bet your life savings I haven’t been there.

I’m not against aging (it is a beautiful thing when done gracefully) and fillers are a personal choice (not one for me right now), but the only thing that bugs me? I don’t want my skin to lose its’ freshness. My Auntie Katie is well into her seventies but her skin is always rosy, plump and radiant. She always touted hydration.

Keeping our skin hydrated is crucial, one part of that is nourishing it from within by drinking water and eating well, the other component is hydrating skin care products. That’s why I’m so excited about NIOD’s, (or if you rather NON-INVASIVE OPTIONS IN DERMAL SCIENCE) Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex.

In a snippet

Hyaluronic acid (HA) naturally present in the body has two functions, firstly as a natural lubricant within joints, in the eyes and to support low-friction movements within the body generally. Secondly it acts as a cushion (filling agent) under the skin to keep it plump and yet flexible (alongside other substances like collagen).

The science

Although not typically used in the body as a hydrating agent, HA can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which basically means when applied topically, it can offer the skin extraordinary hydration. However, HA particles are too large to penetrate the skin in any significant way and traditional skin care only offers surface hydration at best with no residual long-term value to the skin despite contrary belief.

Not any more

Recent developments in skin care have introduced different sizes and forms of HA and now offer below-surface hydration. NIOD’s Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC) takes the use of topical HA compounds to the next level. When used twice daily in conjunction with your regular beauty regime, it could increase the absorption of nearly all water-bound substances found in your skin care products.

It contains 12 forms of HA compounds in a first-ever peptide-charged delivery system, (compounds are from non-animal biotechnology sources) and boasts of three main functions.

1. HA Pre-Cursors

MMHC is said to introduce the most advanced form of HA-related function within the skin and targets different triggers of HA production within the body. This is the first use of HA in skin care akin to the cushioning function of naturally present HA within the skin. HA levels in skin drop dramatically past mid-30s; the compounds in MMHC encourage the skin to produce more of its own HA to counteract this loss, which can lead to visible anti-aging and filling effects.

2. Lower-Molecule-HA Compounds

MMHC contains multiple different sizes and forms of HA compounds for water-based lubrication at multiple depths of the skin from the dermis up. This offers an extraordinary level of comfort and suppleness that even very young skin does not experience as HA does not appear naturally within the various layers of the skin to serve any hydrating function.

3. Higher-Molecule-HA Compounds

As used previously in traditional skin care, MMHC also contains multiple HA compounds that provide surface hydration and form an oil-free moisture-loss barrier on the surface but in a way that does not interfere with penetration of other smaller compounds within the formula.

So as it turns out I don’t have to overcome my fear of needles after all thanks to previously unimagined levels of advancement in dermal science. Rosy fresh skin here we come.

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