Glow Getter’s Guide To Ramzaan

Ramzaan is upon us, if you are like me then you’re probably thinking about a number of things. You want to eat nutritious food, but come sun down the smell of those pakoras and samosas are just too tempting. You want to squeeze in a workout, but after you eat all you want to do is bliss out and it’s bad enough trying to wake up early for sehri, let alone for a workout! You struggle with energy and need that sugar or caffeine fix and let’s not even get into the dehydration from lack of water!


You aren’t alone sista!

So what’s a glow getter? For me it’s a busy woman that wants to glow inside out. Like so many women, I’m often juggling things. We can’t do much on an empty stomach, if we feel bloated or unhealthy, so before taking on the world it’s important to take some time out for yourself – so you can glow inside out (and eat a pakora or two while you’re at it)!

I’ve put together a number of delicious recipes for you to enjoy this year! Why are they better than the real thing? Rather than trying to bake a pakora that really should be deep fried, I’ve taken account of the flavours I love about Iftar go-tos and created something of it that satisfies my taste buds and nourishes me too! You’ll also find renditions of some of my favourite things like Samosa Bites and Superfood Falooda and Mexican Chaat. 

I’m so excited for you to try them and impress all your friends and family. For me Ramzaan is about vitality and bliss, being kind to yourself and others. There are lots of things I love about Ramzaan but let’s face facts; it’s not exactly the easiest month of the year. Food can give us vitality and bliss; I’m a big fan of both – so let’s eat ourselves fabulous.

Our first step to getting our glow on is to write down some intentions for Ramzaan. To be honest these intentions don’t just have to be for Ramzaan. Read this article from mindbodygreen, it’s best not to create need based intentions that focus on what is lacking. Take your time with it, make a cup of tea and mull over what it is you love about this month and all the good things it brings out in you. It may seem like a lot of work but everything that happens in the universe starts with an intention, however big or small. Write them down in a cute notebook and let things unfold.

Here are mine: 

  • Create meaningful and valuable content for glow getters this Ramzaan 
  • Get together with my friends more often and share some delicious and nourishing food
  • Not stress out about eating pakoras

With love,

Sahar Aman, The Quirky Princess

I’d love to hear about your intentions for Ramzaan! Share them with me in the comments below and tune into the next blog post!

What I am:

– Someone who loves cooking and sharing recipes. I hope these dishes enrich your Ramzaan, give you some much-needed energy and help you get your glow on!  

– Someone who believes in balance. Working out and eating kale is just as important to me as watching my favorite reality show with some chocolate chip cookies!

What I’m not:

– I’m not here to preach (bring on the fatwah)

– I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician or providing any medical advice.

– While most of this stuff sounds pretty wonderful, it’s not always for everyone and if there is one thing I insist on, it’s taking care of one’s self. So do the right thing if you are not sure about something, just ask someone qualified – especially if pregnant or taking any kind of medication.


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