Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 1)

The Green & Lean Plan from Honestly Healthy’s was (one of) my Christmas present(s) last year. Of course, I roped Ahmed into it somehow. Convincing him he needed to eat more plants and workout with me wasn’t difficult, we’ve been cooking Natasha Corrett’s delicious recipes together since we’ve been married! Here’s a recap of the first month!

Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 1)

In January 2014 I arrived in a snowy Toronto. It had only been a few weeks since Ahmed and I had gotten married and I felt positively radiant. This was down to two things, what lay in store that year and having recently jumped on the green smoothie train after discovering Honestly Healthy’s website. Shortly after this I bought Natasha’s first cookbook from which Ahmed and I would frequently make delicious recipes together and so began a journey of sorts.

Over the last couple of years we’ve been making gradual and steady changes to our lifestyle, looking for more ways to include plant-based food. When we became founders of our startup Love To Eat It, life became quite crazy, the good kind. We found our selves scrambling to put meals together last minute. My hubby and I have been following the Honestly Healthy 70/30 rule for a while and workout regularly but like countless millennials we both have such busy lives that some nights grabbing shawarma salads, going to Nandos or eating avocados on toast is the only option. It just became really overwhelming to constantly think about what to cook throughout the week (there’s a reason why busy people eat the same thing everyday) and because we generally ate less during the week, we’d really indulge at the weekend. 

Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 1)

When Natasha released her Green & Lean plan, I didn’t need to think twice about it, we kicked things off on 4th January 2016. It’s fairly straight forward, you meal prep everything on a Sunday which isn’t the worst way to spend Sunday after a winter hike. We’ve found that prepping our Green & Lean meals ensures we eat well and keep costs down (which helps when you are bootstrapping). Even with the recent price inflammation with fresh produce, our mostly local and organic meals end up costing us $2-3 per portion. 

The plan is free of wheat, meat, cow’s dairy and refined sugar. The Sunday night meal prep is the foundation of your success. My friends Wendy and Saad, my meal prep heroes have done this forever and now I understand why – Ahmed and I can’t believe we only just started, it makes life so easy. The idea of meal prep on a Sunday used to mortify me but all you need is a playlist, your buddy in tow and a chef’s knife! 

Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 1)

Committing to the plan by prepping on a Sunday means we can focus on what we need to during the week, work, work and more work. I also love the Green & Lean workouts, really proud of myself for getting up to eight rounds of HIIT! You ease into the workouts and do up to four a week. Although with ballet and pilates, I end up doing a little more and on my rest days I usually do some restorative yin yoga.  

On workout days I normally have oatmeal or eggs and avocado for breakfast, lunch is usually salads or stews and dinner is a curry alongside grains like quinoa or brown rice or sweet potatoes. On rest days I start the day with a great big green protein smoothie, have a frittata or soup for lunch and for dinner a warming and hearty salad. In addition to meals you have snacks, usually rice cakes or oat cakes with a weekly dip, smoothies and boiled organic eggs. With a plethora of vibrant Green & Lean recipes to choose from, everything from gnocchi to tempeh burgers and stir fries – you’re spoilt for choice! 

Ahmed and I both love to cook, so every Sunday night we also make a plant-based meal of our choice, usually from Honestly Healthy website! It’s not exactly cheating but it’s nice to just cook something we just feel like having. 

Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 1)

I feel wonderful, Natasha’s approach to food changed my relationship with eating years ago! I tried The Body Coach 90-Day SSS Plan last year (which I think is awesome and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get in shape), but personally found it too hard with all the meat and didn’t want to eat tofu all the time! I haven’t always been a total vegetarian in the past, but definitely would focus more on eating plants than meat. I love this Green & Lean plan because nothing makes me happier than eating delicious plant-based meals. After the first month I feel stronger and fitter! 

Honestly Healthy Highlights: Green & Lean (Part 1) 

  • Roasted Cauliflower and Fennel Coconut Curry with Quinoa – always looked forward to eating this! 
  • Being a little bit naughty and sprinkling a little Pecorino Romano on cannellini bean stew – yum! 
  • Becoming acquainted with my booty, hello squats! 
  • The Green & Lean community. 

How do you get your green & lean on? Shoot me a comment below! 


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