Honestly Healthy: Green & Lean (Part 2)

In a film the second act is where new skills must be learnt and built upon in order to overcome the new challenges presented by the task at hand. Stick with it beyond the second act and the third act brings us a new sense of who we are.

Green & Lean (Part 2)

First of all, I realize how late this post is. That’s partly due to startup life and while I’ve been motivated with my fitness and other things, I haven’t been particularly inspired when it comes to blogging.

I haven’t been posting any recipes recently because I’ve been chipping away at my Green & Lean plan. In month two the focus in our HIIT workouts shifted to focused training, like legs and cardio, arms and core and full body workouts. The food remained relatively the same, yummy ways to not eat gluten, cow’s dairy and sugar.

I’ve been a fan of Honestly Healthy for three years and signed up for the Green & Lean plan because I wanted to be more creative with how I ate my veggies. No one makes vegetarian food taste more delicious than Natasha Corrett. After two months of mostly cooking and eating recipes from her plan, I’ve learned to enjoy vegetables in a plethora of different ways. It’s too easy to roast some chicken and steam some veggies in a bid to be healthy and say bon appétit. By day twelve, no wonder I’m craving absolutely everything under the planet.

For month two we retuned to Honestly Healthy’s 70/30 rule that I’m so familiar with and didn’t stick to the plan in totality. Having said that we didn’t run riot, the odd pizza, homemade oven baked French fries and a few treats here and there. The stash of wholesome dishes in the fridge courtesy of our Sunday night meal prep that Natasha endorses and with good reason, made it easy to find our balance again the following day.

Green & Lean (Part 2)

Sticking to with Green & Lean for another month is an accomplishment in itself especially when the novelty aspect has gone and all you really want is some chocolate cake. What we really learnt during month two is how the plan can become a sustainable lifestyle choice. Some of our favourite comfort foods (like pancakes and gnocchi) were enjoyed as part of a diet abundant with nutritionally dense meals. 

Honestly Healthy Highlights: Green & Lean (Part 2) 

  • Lentil Burgers – who knew?
  • Becoming a pro – smashing Sunday night meal prep in two hours flat 
  • Crushing HIIT sessions  
  • The Green & Lean community

How do you get your green & lean on? Shoot me a comment below!


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