Lucky Charms

Dates are my lucky charms when it comes to soothing a volatile sweet tooth and they weren’t exactly my favourite food once upon a time.

These days our pantry is rarely without them, I love throwing dates into smoothies or using them to make chewy sweet treats like the bliss balls below.

I am a real sucker for bliss balls, I don’t suggest doing this at all, but I could probably pop my way through them. They are full of minerals and nutrients, so will nurture and nourish your body away.

I’m adding some lovely green pistachios and coconut to mine to give them a bit of a St. Paddy’s day love, so my bliss balls don’t feel left out of the festivities. Incidentally, as a side note, eating dates could also help you to soothe hangovers, set some of these aside for the Wednesday morning!

Lucky Charm Bliss Balls

(Makes 8-10)

1 cup of pitted dates
1/2 cup almond meal
10 cardamon pods, ground (optional, but I love the fresh hint they leave behind)
1tbsp almond butter
1tsp vanilla essence
Finely chopped pistachio, to dust
Shredded coconut, to dust

In a chopper, blitz the dates with the almond meal and cardamon until fine.

Add the almond butter and vanilla and give it another pulse or two.

Tip the lot out into a mixing bowl and with your hands knead it into a sticky dough. Form ten bite-size balls.

Roll in the pistachios and coconut, you can pop them in the fridge before serving if you like, but these bliss balls are ready to go.

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