Ramzaan Mubarak & Healthy Pakola Milk

Yes, healthy Pakola milk! This Pakola Mylk is a bit of a spin on Sakara’s version (a company I am completely obsessed with). As much as I’d love to get deliveries from Sakara, living in Toronto I have to make my own goddess mylk which is fine by me as well. 

Pakola Goddess Mylk

Ramzaan Mubarak beautiful people! I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed month and as my lovely friend Farah suggested “Remember to make a special dua for world peace, unity and love (we need it).” I couldn’t agree more. 

For most of my twenties, Ramzaan took place in Karachi and Pakola milk was a major component of Iftar. When I was thinking about what recipe to share today, my healthy Pakola Mylk was the obvious choice! 

For those of you wondering what on earth I’m talking about, Pakola milk is a cream soda flavoured drink from Pakistan and it tastes delicious. This one time in Ramzaan, I wasn’t fasting and had just moved to Karachi and made the mistake of drinking Pakola milk on the streets. The stares of death were worth it. Of course, since learning exactly what Pakola milk is little while after that (sugar plus sugar plus sugar and some milk and chemicals) it’s been years since I’ve risked death stares before sundown during Ramzaan season in Karachi for Pakola milk. 

Fast forward to the day I decided to add some agave, vanilla and cardamon to my homemade goddess mylk and a healthier version of Pakola milk was born. The taste of this goddess mylk reminded me so much of Pakola milk – so if you’re a massive fan of the stuff and are looking for a healthier option my Pakola Mylk is the recipe for you!  

It’s natural, isn’t pumped with crap and gets it’s colour from chlorophyll, the blood of plants which is super amazing for humans as well! Yes, it still has sugar in it so consider a treat but a better one! 

Healthy Pakola Mylk

  1. Serves 2-3
  2. 2tbsp agave*
  3. 2tsp chlorophyll
  4. 1tsp vanilla extract
  5. 1tsp cardamom (optional)
  6. 3 cups of chilled almond milk
  1. In a small bowl, make your syrup by vigorously stirring together the agave, chlorophyll, vanilla and cardamom (if using).
  2. Mix the syrup with the chilled almond milk, divide into two glasses and serve with cool straws (optional but also not really optional).
  1. You could try other natural sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar but you may have to adjust the quantity, I chose agave for it’s neutral flavour.
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What are you most excited about this Ramzaan, apart from Pakola milk?


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