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The Oscars, one of my favourite film events, take place this weekend. One thing I am always in awe of is how radiant the stars look. While they do have access to some of the best skin care that money can buy, nothing beats what you put inside your body.

Eating a plant based diet seventy percent of the time, drinking lots of water, moving your body, getting fresh air and enough sleep are crucial for our health and a wonderful complexion. Skin is our largest working organ our body’s first line of defence, like the rest of the body, it requires proper care and attention. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising are basic measures that will go a long way when it comes to taking care of this amazing organ.

Protecting us from harsh conditions (weather, pollution, toxins and chemicals), helping to remove waste, facilitating the production of Vitamin D so important for our immune system and providing us comfort by regulating our body temperature are only a few examples of what this hardworking organ does. Given what it goes through on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that our skin can start to look tired and dull, particularly when we aren’t getting enough of the right foods.

There are numerous foods you can eat to promote a more favourable environment within for your skin.

  • Cacao – really hydrating and firming for your skin
  • Avocados – this beauty fruit has skin boosting fatty acids
  • Tomatoes – recent research touts this lycopene rich fruit can improve skin’s natural SPF
  • Walnuts – full of copper, just a handful a day can help your skin with collagen production
  • Berries – full of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals
  • Kale – contains vitamins A and C, which are known to firm your skin

If you are throwing an Oscar party, why not make some of my glowing party food recipes? Enjoy delicious avocado pâté, strawberries with chocolate caramel sauce or blinis with tomato jam whilst ogling at the faces of all your favourite films this past year.

Our skin also absorbs a large percent of what we put on it, choosing the right products is really important and it isn’t just the stars who have incredible beauty products at their disposal. Here are some I use at home to help me glow like a pro!

FOUNTAIN The Beauty Molecule

Fountain, The Beauty Molecule, 240ml

It’s true, a holistic lifestyle allows us to look and feel our best. In recent history, stress has been linked to aging, slowing down allows us to feel more relaxed and is beneficial for the body as a whole. As we age, collagen, the supportive structure in our skin starts to break down and our skin becomes more fragile. It’s important to nourish our skin for more than just a wrinkle free complexion, the more it ages, the less efficient it becomes. Until now, Resveratrol, a potent beauty molecule found in grape skins and Japanese knotweed proven to extend the life span of cells and delay the aging process, has never been available in liquid form. Fountain’s supplement in pomegranate flavour allows the body to absorb this incredible ingredient alongside the highly antioxidant, Black Carrot, and anti-ageing hero, Hyaluronic Acid. A teaspoonful of Fountain daily delays the ageing process from the inside out.

GLAMGLOW at John Lewis YOUTHMUD Tinglefoxialte Treatment, £49.99 copy

GLAMGLOW® YOUTHMUD® Tinglefoxialte Treatment, 50g

This really is the superfood of face masks. After each use, I cannot believe how clean, clear and gorgeous skin looks. I discovered it in a wedding magazine and even though this mask is a real splurge, it is worth every single penny and it doubles up as an exfoliator. Exfoliation is key to a fresh face, removing dead skin cells is one of the simplest ways of allowing new cells to shine through.

Dr. Singha Mustard Bath

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath, 32oz

For the crème de la crème of bathing, it has to be this definitive soak. The right combination of organic mustard, sodium carbonate and essential oils in hot water awakens the vital functions of the largest organ of elimination in the body, the skin, producing better circulation, oxygenation and elimination of acid waste.

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