Superfood Bubble Tea

This week’s edition of healthier summer drinks is a gorgeous bubble tea. I’ve use chia seeds and dates to give it a sweet and delicious texture.

Superfood Bubble Tea

When choosing a tea for this drink, choose one that is organic and has some additional flavours – depending on what you fancy. My tea had some lovely cinnamon and orange peel that enriched my bubble tea with a heady taste.

1 cup of green tea brewed to instructions, I used DavidsTea “The Spice is Right (Organic)”
1tbsp chia seeds
1 Medjool date, pitted & softened in 30ml of water
1 cup ice cold almond milk
Some ice cubes

Soak the chia seeds in half the green tea in a mason jar or serving glass and set aside.

Meanwhile, in your blender – blitz the date along with the water it’s been softening in together until very smooth. Add the almond milk and blitz again.

Check the chia seeds to see if they have absorbed all the water, if so you are ready assemble your bubble tea.

Add the remaining green tea to the chia seeds along with the almond milk and ice cubes. Stir the mixture together and serve.

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