I’ll never forget the day I tried iced tea for the first time. It was at a Thai restaurant and my friend ordered an iced green tea for me. Though skeptical, I took a sip and what ensued afterwards was the most delicious, heady and intoxicating experience a non-alcoholic drink can bring. 

London and I were about to part ways. Rickshaw hopping, the breeze and waves of Seaview, the maddening sounds of hell breaking loose in the city as another story broke on live news were to become my life for the next three months.

I had every reason to stay in London, a future in British film, my best friend whom I’d pined after for years had finally told me he loved me and yet I could feel Karachi calling to me. Whispering away while I was on the tube or sitting at Brunswick Square. I was twenty-two and believed in things like finding my destiny, saving the world and two people falling hopelessly in love.

As that luscious liquid tumbled down my throat and gave life to dormant taste buds – Cassie told me to go, she said it was only for three months. I always associate my memory of iced tea with one of the most important decisions I ever made.

A couple of years later, I came back to London on a visit from Karachi. I tried to find that restaurant and the pieces of me that were left behind. But like me, they too had moved on somewhere dreaming of destiny.

I never found an iced tea that tasted quite like the one I had in London for the very first time but in a way I did find a destiny of sorts. Those three months turned into seven years and my fate was sealed, as usual, on plane somewhere in the sky, iced tea in hand while reading a script that made me dream once again.

Iced Tea

(Serves 1)

1tsp of your favourite tea (I used Iced Tropicana from The Tea Emporium – Rooibos blended with strawberry, peach and grapefruit zest) 
100ml of freshly boiled water
300mls of cold filtered water
A handful of strawberries
Plenty of ice
Sweetner such as coconut sugar, cane sugar or agave (optional, I like my tea without sugar)

In a teacup, using a tea strainer steep your tea leaves for a couple of minutes or longer depending on how strong you like tea.

Remove the strainer and pour the infused water into a large glass and mix with the other ingredients.

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