The Halfway Point

The Body Coach 90-Days SSS Plan

A some point in the last week or so, I crossed the halfway point of my 90-Day SSS Plan from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. While it is definitely something to revel in, I’m also taking stock of what that really means – it is usually the point where one decides to turn back or keep going.

Writing this blog wasn’t a piece of cake. My endeavours with the plan this past week are reflected in the struggle I’ve faced writing about them today. While I’m loving the plan, working out and eating well, keeping that momentum up is a challenge.

My ballet teacher often says that in order to dance, we need to get out of our own way. What she means is that for the most part, we are the ones who place obstacles in our way: judgement, lack of discipline, the self-defeating thoughts and so on. Now that I’m really into the 90-Day SSS Plan, I enter the real struggle, the one with myself.

For me personally, getting to the halfway point of anything has always been relatively easy, after that it gets tough. Because of my training in screenwriting, rather sadly, I usually think of most things in three-act structure.

When it comes to scripts, writing the first act is usually a breeze. You open with a bang, perhaps an important or inciting event and more often than not a protagonist with a goal of sorts. As a writer I’ve always been able to complete act one with ease and pace. After about thirty pages, act two begins and this is when it gets tough for a writer. Act two is where a writer needs to be really creative and draw on their skills and strengths.

When writing I usually make it to the mid-point of the second act, beyond that is where I get lost, feel demoralised and overwhelmed. Incidentally, just as the second act is the hardest for the writer, the protagonist too has to work really hard in order to see the goal through and keep going. The second act is where one finds the obstacles, conflict and struggle – otherwise movies (and writing) would be boring, there would be nothing to resolve in act three and writers and their characters would never grow or learn anything.

I can totally apply this philosophy to my 90-Day SSS Plan. I have a goal and started with a bang, the first month was easy enough. After thirty days Joe introduced a new cycle that challenges you in a different way. The momentum I had built up in the thirty days prior to Cycle 2 saw me through to the mid-point of the second cycle and the plan and now it gets a little harder. I need to be more creative.

This past week, a little after the mid-point of my 90-Day SSS Plan we ended up having a staycation. My brother was in town, it was my hubby’s birthday, there were the NBA play-offs, we went to a music festival over the weekend and needless to say, things got a bit crazy in a good way.

Temptation was everywhere. Particularly in my fridge, the left overs of a decadent La Rocca chocolate fudge cake from my hubby’s birthday (which I’ll get to later).

I didn’t go on a crazy food binge but by no means was I perfect. My saving grace was this, I would have Joe’s Go-Green smoothie for breakfast, thankfully Greenhouse Juice Co. was also at the festival so I picked up a green juice or two, snuck a snack in my bag and ate some lean protein at night before going to bed.

I didn’t exactly stick to the plan, didn’t eat as much as I should have but rather than eat junk at the festival for two days, I decided to try my best. Sunday I treated myself to a piece of birthday cake after a HIIT workout and threw caution to the wind at Guu with various dishes that aren’t normally associated with #Leanin15.

So I’ve had a week where there wasn’t any real planning, I kept forgetting to take supplements and missing meals. Just like when I’m writing, this has been the point where those voices have started whispering, the ones to overcome.

The only way to undo all the progress made so far is to throw the towel in now by listening to them. After the halfway point is the hardest because this is where I really have draw on my strengths and keep going despite feeling like I’m not doing so well.

I think that if the 90-Day SSS Plan didn’t challenge us through personal obstacles and struggles it would get boring. If there was nothing for us to resolve, we wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t appreciate the result or what comes after that.

It’s not supposed to be a piece of cake. I think that is what makes it work so well and worth it in the end and if it’s anything like how you feel when writing “The End” at the bottom of a script, I’m in. Of course, that end is really just start of something else…

Watch this space for more on my experience of Cycle Two! I’m sharing my 12-week experience of Joe’s plan. Stay tuned to the blog and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sahar_aman to see how my transformation goes.

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  1. Wendy
    June 19, 2015 at 5:01 pm (3 years ago)

    Great post! You can do this!

    • Sahar Aman
      June 22, 2015 at 11:51 am (3 years ago)

      Thanks Wendy 🙂


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