The Last Souper

I like to be as optimistic as possible about spring in Toronto, that it is coming and at long last it has. It’s ironic really, as the highly anticipated winter from Game of Thrones graced our screens last night, the sun came out to play. (Last week had to be most uninspiring week ever in terms of natural light, the gloomy weather was so unflattering for my pictures that in the end, I gave up.)

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It’ll get easier to drink cold pressed juices and chilled smoothies in the morning now, during winter, I just wanted all things hot and beautiful. Given that warmer weather is here, I decided to finish up the last of my souping options courtesy of Soup Girl. Delicious soups in a jar, that require me to do very little other than wait patiently for an hour while the goods cook and simmer down in eight cups of filtered water. Loving her detox soup, which is full of lentils and gorgeous healing spices. I’ve topped mine with some hemp seeds and parsley. It will be the last of our heartier meals as sun and flowers make way for vibrant salads and lighter dishes.

Although broth, hot soups and warm stews for dinner got me through this year’s cold spell, I missed my juiced greens and smoothies. Because honestly, I don’t think I did drink enough for the last few months, it was really sporadic and I felt the effects of it. That’s probably why this topic sparked my interest last week while I was reading my magazine (or trying to get inspired). Is souping the new juicing?

Soup cleanses are nothing new, are you reminiscing with me cabbage patch kids? There is something more sparkly about soup now though, is it the sexier packaging or that soups are as nutrient dense as their sweeter and more juicier rival (Goop loved sipping on Soup Cleanse’s morning warm concoction of kale, cauliflower and ginger), if not more, just that they aren’t raw. Given that most of the time I eat cooked food this really isn’t a problem for me, if anything, the idea of drinking a warm nutrient dense and vegetable laden soup would make me get out of bed faster on icy mornings.

Would it be weird to sub my morning juice and toast for a bowl of hot soup and toast? Not really, but it’s something to think about next year. I haven’t quite gotten my head around gazpacho, something to tackle later on I suppose.

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