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Altrient C
Gwyneth Paltrow and I have something in common, we both understand the important role Vitamin C plays in our diet and get it from the same place: Altrient C by Abundance Health.

With summer around the corner and the winter long gone, one would think they won’t need this cold and flu fighting antioxidant anymore, but Vitamin C is crucial for summer bodies. It’s benefits are twofold: for your summer skin and your summer workouts.

On one hand Vitamin C can offer our skin some much needed summer protection. Because of it’s potency as an antioxidant it can fight off free radical cell damage caused to the skin from excess sun exposure.

This clever antioxidant also has the ability to regenerate other antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, giving added protection to the skin. Vitamin C will also come to the rescue if you succumb to sunburn or are unlucky enough to be targeted by mosquitos. It has amazing wound healing abilities and can help to prevent the dangerous consequences of long term sun exposure which can potentially lead to skin cancer. [Save your summer skin with a daily dose of Vitamin C | Female First]

Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen. A substance that holds the entire body together, as a connective tissue in our skin (the largest organ in our body) and as a major part of almost everything else in our body (joints, heart, teeth and eyes to name a few)! As well as giving our skin it’s suppleness and elasticity, collagen helps blood vessels to carry oxygen, water and other nutrients to the skin, which help to maintain a healthy glow. For this we can’t rely on supplements alone, a diet with antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables is one way to ensure radiant skin throughout the year.

Like most people, in addition to a healthy and balanced lifestyle I take my micronutrients before bed (as part of my nighttime drill), swallowing a mixture of vitamins and hope for the best when it comes to my skin and health. That has now changed.

Altrient C Sachet 2

I recently started The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan and from this I’ve learnt optimal times to take a variety of vitamins. Like taking a multivitamin with my first meal of the day and Vitamin C after working out.

Vitamin C is the go-to supplement for when a common cold is brewing, but according to Jason Machowsky this amazing antioxidant plays a role in helping our bodies deal with stress (whether that is environmental or from working out).

Sarah Berneche is a Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Sarah Bellum who also directs The BarreFuel Project – a nutrition program at Barreworks. She thinks that Vitamin C is an excellent idea as well. “Stress depletes Vitamin C, and exercise, while “good stress”, is still stress. Exercising naturally creates free radicals, so it’s important to recover by eating well, which includes antioxidant-rich foods. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so you could supplement or get it through foods like cabbage and sauerkraut, bell peppers, broccoli, water with lemon, berries. If you supplement, be sure to choose one derived from whole foods rather than a synthetic source.”

I’ll hazard a guess and say I’m probably not the only one who ups their workout game as summer comes about. Given that I am doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) these days in conjunction with my Body Coach plan, you can bet I’m putting metabolic stress on my body and taking Vitamin C post workout helps to alleviate some of that stress.

Altrient C Carton 1MB

Altrient C is the world’s first liposomal Vitamin C gel, and offers an effective and natural solution to total body skin firming, as well as acting as an extremely powerful antioxidant. If there is one supplement I’m keeping around for the summer, it is this one!

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*Although I got my Altrient C as a gift, I’m super passionate about natural supplements and really love this product and wanted to share it with you!

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