The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need in 2016

The only New Year’s resolution you need in 2016 is to reflect upon your intentions. What is your sentiment behind wanting to eat better and workout? Health is important but it shouldn’t be all consuming, it’s about vitality not deprivation. If your diet and workouts don’t make you happy, what’s the point? 

New Year's Resolution

It’s January and we all know that means every holiday rolled into one for the weight loss and diet industry. This month they get to bombard us with their ideas for our New Year’s resolutions with all the trimmings. I’ve always found this first week back at work in January interesting. In just seven days there is a seismic shift from glorious bouts of gluttony and hedonism to oaths regarding dry January, starvation parading as diets, gruelling workout regimes and general body image psychosis. 

For these reasons I’ve never liked January, this dislike is of course fuelled by the weight loss and diet industry preying on the general population’s mind with the sentiment that with a New Year must come a new you. 

Somehow January becomes all about punishing ourselves for that lovely extra mince pie enjoyed by a warm fire or the mulled wine on Christmas Eve and pinning aspirations for 2016 on numeric values like weights on a scale or calories. I only have a three words regarding this: DON’T DO IT. The old you needn’t make room for anything this year. 

I’m all for eating well, being healthy and disposing of junk food but I’m not an advocate of this wave of psychosis that sweeps us up post holiday season. I don’t consider the penchant for mince pies and mulled wine and other Christmas delicacies junk food. They are your memories and celebrations of your life. Read this article about why your ideal weight isn’t what you think it is. My friend Davida (aka The Healthy Maven) said something so beautiful the other day on Instagram and it really resonated with me: “Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” AMEN! 

I workout because I enjoy it. Pilates, ballet, cardio and walking in the fresh air are so essential to my wellbeing but so is sitting on the couch on a Sunday watching the Kardashians with a batch of dark chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Yes, eating clean and alkaline are important to me and that doesn’t mean if you don’t use that hashtag your plate is somehow dirty. By the way it’s not hard to eat clean, throw some leafy greens like spinach on your plate, eat more plants, ditch the store bought goods that are full of refined sugars, eat protein, whole grains and good fats like coconut oil, avocados and nuts. 

Finding balance doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to discover what works for us and what doesn’t but all the kale in the world won’t help us in 2016 if everything we do is because we hate our bodies. Deprivation will never lead to vitality but creating a lifestyle with wholesome foods you love and moving your body in a way you love will make you glow inside out. 

My journey towards finding balance began two years ago with Honestly Healthy’s mantra of 70/30. Natasha Corrett’s approach to food and wellbeing in general made sense to me, I love her recipes and eating the alkaline way which is why I’ve embraced her Green & Lean programme. The point is not the path you take (eating the alkaline way might not be right for you) but the intention behind it. Make those intentions life-affirming and you’ll find that everything you do is because you love yourself and not because you hate yourself.

So if you are reading this, cook something beautiful tonight and to hell with January and all the weight loss and diet industry’s New Year’s resolutions.

Check out this beautiful Salmon Niçoise from Bon Appétit Magazine!

New Year's Resolution

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