May 1, 2015

Cycle One: Week One

By admin

Into the second week of my 90-Day SSS Plan from The Body Coach, it is hard to believe ten days have already passed by. On day one, the end of the first cycle seemed far let alone cycle three. What I’m secretly hoping for now is that day ninety won’t be the end, but the beginning of lean habits for life. Here is how my first week went.

Clear intentions and planning saw my first week go-by pretty well. Going into this, for me the hardest part was going to be balancing the high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with my ballet schedule, but I managed. There were a few hiccups, my broccoli bread was a disaster and I had been measuring out my chicken wrong and eating more than the designated amount. Nothing I couldn’t come back from though.

I had been eating clean and not necessarily lean for a while now, which was working out great. However I’m learning that taking care of your body means a number of things and because I’m transitioning into my thirties – I needed to kick it up a notch. Enter Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, whose leanspiring Instagram feed I have been stalking for a while now.

Joe (and his team) became a source of support from the very first email I sent to them, even before signing up. My trepidation over doing HIIT with a lower back injury was something that kept me from starting the program earlier. Joe suggested that I do my workouts on a bike or elliptical trainer, but talk to my consultant first. I did so that very day and then signed up and started my plan on the 27th of April, 2015.

I didn’t spend the week before my start date going crazy and stuffing myself with junk, mostly because I didn’t want to go into the plan feeling icky and bloated. It’s not like I’m never going to eat a slice of pizza or cupcake again (maybe just not right now). I did go to a lovely brunch though with some of Toronto’s finest food bloggers, where we were treated to some amazing French pastries.

Mushroom and mozzarella omelette: one of my favourite meals on the plan. 

I spent most of Sunday dragging my hubby and friends to the vegetable and fruit market with me. While they helped me shop for bok choy, coconut milk and coconut water, my feelings were a mixture of excitement and nerves. The food aspect wasn’t daunting at all but the thought of the workouts? I can do two ballet classes in a row but the idea of a twenty-minute HITT exercise terrified me. I needed to work through this.

Because I write from home, Monday morning was all mine. For me this is a long-term investment in my mind and body, I could afford a little indulgence. I did some oil pulling, took an Epsom salt bath and went to see an osteopath for an hour. Going into this, it was important to me personally that I feel great from the outset.

From what I understand most things are more of a mental challenge than a physical one, so I meditated on my goals for the next few weeks. No lean chanting or anything, just some mindfulness about what all this really meant to me. Then I created a spreadsheet with my meals, supplements and workouts.

I did my first HIIT workout at 10.00pm that night after an hour and a half of ballet and got through it just fine, the irrational terror dissipated. Dinner was basmati rice with prawns to which I added too much curry paste, but it was fine and that was day one, done!

The tasty tuna salad: officially obsessed.

Sure there are another three months to go, but the clear intentions and planning really do help. If I keep that up then failure isn’t really an option.

The 90-Day SSS Plan is challenging but not in the way you expect it to be, I thought I’d be craving gluten-free cupcakes from Bunners, but no. What I miss most is sipping freshly made almond milk, massive bottles of cold pressed green juice, throwing dates into my smoothies and some homemade popcorn fresh from the pan. One email later I was blitzing my protein shake snack with almond milk.

See what I mean about support? It’s not supposed to be impossible and Joe’s graduates are a testimony to that. Speaking of support, my hubby has embraced what I’m doing and helping out much as possible, whether that’s prepping food for us while I’m practicing late at Ballet Espressivo, carrying heavy grocery bags with me or coming to the gym. Having a buddy to encourage you definitely helps.

While having my hubby be so supportive is amazing, you also have to encourage yourself. There are moments where you think will this work? I’m eating so much! I don’t feel any thinner.

You can listen to the voices in your head or you can shut them out. Personally, I am looking forward to replacing them all together.

If there is anything I’ve learned from Joe and everything he shares on his social media, you have to believe it will work, trust in what you are doing and stick to it. It isn’t blind faith, it is an educated choice, one that is made after gathering a ton of information and seeing real people with actual results. That is what keeps me going.

As Sunday came around again, we went to the gym and ate a roast of sorts, Joe’s potato and chicken bake (another favourite) while watching Game of Thrones. After a week, if you allow it, this can be part of your everyday life (instead of other habits) and therefore all the easier to attain.