May 29, 2017

Mini Mint Mousse Me

By admin
mini mousses

I’ve been moussing around for years. This recipe even tricked my friend Wendy, which I consider a real triumph because she insists that there is no such thing as a tasty dessert that’s good for you!

Chocolate mousse is literally the most beautiful tasting thing in the world. Unlike most French things which possess that certain je ne c’est quoi, I can tell you exactly what makes mousse so gorgeous.

That exquisite balance of lightness with decadence makes for some scintillating stuff and I’m not kidding you there… my hubby will testify. Before you start reeling from this overdose of information, I’ll get straight into the recipe.

Like most things on this blog it’s vegan, gluten free and absolutely delicious.

mini mousses

Makes 8 mini mousses

40g mint chocolate (I used Peppermint Nib’d by Zimt from Jules Wellness)
2 avocados
1 cup of coconut milk
4tbsp cacao
3tbsp sweetener (for example: agave, maple syrup, organic cane sugar – you can add a little more or less according to your taste buds)
1tsp vanilla essence

To serve (optional): some grated chocolate and strawberries

In a bain-marie set the chocolate to melt.

Meanwhile, to your blender – add the avocado meat, coconut milk, cacao, sweetener and vanilla essence. Blender together until really smooth.

Once the chocolate has melted, stir in the avocado mixture and beat them together well. Spoon into tall shot glasses with a teaspoon and put in the fridge for at least two hours.

If using, sprinkle some grated chocolate on the mousse before serving with some strawberries on the side.